I work for a nonprofit and I am really excited about putting what I’m learning in this class to work. In doing research for an assignment, I discovered a little gem of of an article that offers tips to nonprofits on telling impactful stories.


According to Geoff Campbell, Digital and Social Media Specialist, “The future of public relations for large organization will rely on what Golin Harris refers to as Holistic Transmedia Storytelling, that is, telling your brand’s story full through multiple channels,” (Campbell, 2012). He adds, “the key isn’t to replicate content and put it on every platform but to use each channel most effective way to tell part of the story on that channel,” (Campbell, 2012). It’s not about media silos for the consumer but telling the brand message through many different media channels.

Carol Buckheit expands on Campbell’s ideas in her article, Sure-Fire Ways to Use Video to Inspire Donors, she offers tips to nonprofits in using video to tell a story. The seven tips are listed below (Buckheit, 2012):

  1. Tell a story with an emotional impact.
  2. Focus in on telling a richly detailed story of one (or a few) affected people.
  3. A good story will include 3 key elements: a Protagonist (hero), Obstacles to be overcome, and a Resolution.
  4. Choose your best storytellers, not your “talking heads.”
  5. Keep it brief—under two minutes.
  6. You MUST include a call to action.
  7. You don’t need expensive, dazzling camera work– just a well-edited piece (Buckheit, 2012).
  8. Here are more tips and information for nonprofit storytelling. CSIC-infographic-online-storytelling-thumbReferences:
    Buckheit, C. (2012, August 27). Seven Sure-Fire Ways to Use Video to Inspire Donors. Retrieved on October 5, 2015 from: http://www.carolbuckheit.org/2012/08/27/7-sure-fire-ways-to-use-video-to-inspire-donors/#sthash.XhJE7qt5.dpuf


    Campbell, G. (2012, November 7) Multimedia Storytelling Research. Retrieved on October 5, 2015 from: http://geoffbcampbell.com/2012/11/07/multimedia-storytelling-research-update/


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