Let’s Evolve!

Today, the media landscape is constantly shifting to accommodate an influx of new technologies. So, how do we navigate an industry that’s continuously evolving?  It’s clear that today’s media requires an understanding of not just communications, but the ways in which emerging media are developed, marketed, and shaped by users.
Emerging media by definition is something that is always changing. This blog is about learning about all the new ways that we are making and consuming media. Further, looking deeper into how emerging media is impacting organizations and our culture.
I’m looking forward to learning how to identify, assess and analyze the potential business, social and cultural impact of what the future holds in terms of media. As we start this journey please take a look at the infographic below from the Nielsen Company. The image illustrate the digital evolution over the last ten years.


According to Nielsen, “given the fast-moving evolution of digital media, it’s more important than ever to have a clear view of what consumers are doing today to understand the implications for the future”. My goal is to learn more about how these trends are affecting and building the new multiscreen, constantly connected lifestyles of today’s consumers.

Here’s to the start of a great discussion!


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